DeMarini 2020 Prism Review

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Here’s our review of the DeMarini 2020 Prism.

It’s been popular on the market ever since it was launched and so we decided to take a closer look at it for you. Here we go:

Our rating: 9 / 10


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A lot of time has been spent in the past on the selection and designing of the most durable materials that may be found. However, the inclusion of the materials in the design process is a lot less of a concern when it comes to the industry of softball bats. The materials used to produce the different types of bats that have been seen in the past are usually only used for the grips and the handle.

The DeMarini 2020 Prism Fastpitch Bat Series offers an exceptional high-performance and lightweight construction. The use of the materials that result in a more durable product has been pretty much eliminated. The DeMarini Prism series of bats are built with a one piece softwood core mixed with a continuous wall composite to create the majority of the bat. This allows the same materials to be used across the entire bat which in turn will create a lighter and more durable product.

With a 2-piece design, the DeMarini 2020 line of bats have a half and half design that includes a traditional half handle and a traditional half knob. This design allows the athlete to use the traditional grip or grip the traditional way. Since the grip can be altered on the bat, players can finally have the flexibility to switch from gripping the bat in a traditional way to gripping the bat in a more traditional way. This is extremely beneficial to the athlete who aims to advance their game and start using alternative grips in order to combat a pitcher's specific grip on the ball.

Overall, the DeMarini 2020 Prism Series Fastpitch Bat is a great buy for the athlete who is looking for a lighter and more durable bat with a one piece design at a price that most athletes will be able to afford.

The term “skid” is synonymous with the word “drag” when you are describing the curved path a ball takes on a green. This is because the ball slides around or skids upon impact with the bottom of the clubface toward the playing surface. The term “skid” is a bit more specific and used for the actual draw of the hands. If the hands do not slide along the clubface, the hands stay very close to the face of the club and perform a draw action, rather than the standard downswing that causes the majority of a golfer's ball flight.

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