Adult 2XL Chicago Cubs Custom Review

Andy Shandling
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It's been long overdue, but today we finally got around to publishing our expert review on the Adult 2XL Chicago Cubs Custom.

Read our full review below to learn if this is just the right thing for you.

Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • Great quality shirt
  • Looks like the real deal, from the stitching to the felt lettering
  • Accurate sizing
  • Anti-wrinkle material
  • Gets lots of positive reviews

MLB Replicas are mostly known for their cheap material, which results in inferior performance. Bamboo however, is known for its highest quality production and performance products that help you enjoy a great experience. They also spare no cost to see to it that each single product is made with the best material so people will enjoy a high performance and durable product.

With the button closure, you will be able to easily change shirts on the go.

Another feature that makes this product an excellent choice is that it is made of polyester. Polyester is a widely known fabric that is used in early sports jersey materials. Polyester is considered a durable material, which is why it is a great fabric to use in the production of replica jerseys.

With this Polyester jersey, you can expect amazing comfort and fit. It is used in the production of many other product, and the same goes on this jersey.

One of the best features in Bamboo jersey production are the professional made aprons. The long aprons this jersey offers allows every person to fully adjust it to their liking and you will have a full cover to have fun.

The name on the back is where it is very important. Every sports jersey is known for its name on the back. In this case, the name on the back is very important because it can have that lasting impression that can last for decades. That's why all Bamboo jerseys have pro tailed hems.

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