Mylec MK3 Goalie Mask -USA Review

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In today’s article we will be reviewing the Mylec MK3 Goalie Mask -USA.

In this review, we made things as simple as possible for you to form your opinion.

Our rating: 8 / 10

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The Mylec MK3 goalie mask is made of an ABS and EVA composite in front of the mask to provide protection from shot to shot. The main part of the mask is made from a strong polycarbonate in the back and lower part. There is also an anti-scratch ABS material behind the lenses and a heavy duty PVC material in the areas caught by the stick.

Mylec is a company that offers a really wide variety of products. The masks offered by Mylec are made to last for a long time, just like any other wear. The company aims to help out not just in the play area, but to help out off the ice as well.

The main part of the mask is made from a polycarbonate and ABS composite, which is able to withstand a lot of hits.
The anti-scratch ABS material is also capable of standing wear and tear. This will keep your viewing ability clear and sharp.

The Mylec Goalie Mask comes in a variety of sizes. The masks are available for kids, women's, men's and styles. The starting sizes are as follows:

Kids Sizes:

Under 22" -4-7 years

These small sizes are great for children and will prevent pressure on the face, along with the lower part of the mask sliding up during play.

Under 22" -8-13 Years

These are great sizes for kids just learning to play hockey or any other sport. It is a low-strain mask, along with the padding on the chin to provide the goalies with the utmost comfort.

Women's Sizes:

  • 18-22"
  • 22" -24"
  • 22" -25"
  • 22" -26"
  • 22" -27"

Men's Sizes:

The sizes above are the rough size guidelines for the Mylec Goalie Mask. Different brands use different material in the different sections of the mask. It is important to be sure you are getting a product that fits the face correctly.

There are many different colors to choose from, as well as themes. Starting from the front, there is a clear OpenVisor, which is great to see out of, for taking in passes, shots and scoring goals.

Moving the lower part of the mask, there is a great chin strap, which has padding to prevent chafing to the face.

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