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It's been long overdue, but today we finally got around to publishing our expert review on the Nike Men's Footbal Shoes.

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Nike is a brand that almost anyone knows. They are the leading manufacturer of footwear, apparel, and equipment for athletes. The brand participated in the story for what they think athletics are all about. Nike, like other well-known brands that participated in this study, has a different theme and goal for their marketing. This brands purpose is to develop or to improve athletic performance. There are five main elements that Nike uses in their marketing: research of performance, child athletes, women's athletics, athletic associations and a specific advantage.

The majority of Nike marketing is directed towards becoming the top seller of shoes and athletic apparel with a focus on women and children. Infants and toddlers wearing Nike shoes has been a trend for a long time but has become a massive trend recently. This is a recent trend that has only gained traction in the past few years, but is now becoming a fully mainstream awareness. One nail in the coffin of this trend is that the main focus of these sneakers is the fact that infants and toddlers are wearing them.

In conjunction with Nike's main theme of women, they have developed a campaign to connect female athletes to Nike's brand. Nike has made huge efforts to make the female athlete feel comfortable and confident in running and working out in their athletic apparel. The campaign includes: a feature film with former women's tennis player Anna Kournikova and a movie featuring Nike's female athletes, which is a collection of billboards and bus stops with the slogan "Breaking Barriers in Women's Athletics."

Nike has made major steps with its athletic associations by offering major incentives to participate in its athletic association. Nike launched the Nike Training Club, which is a platform that combines coaching, technology and competition to better guide athletic performance by athletes. Nike's desire is to encourage culture among youth in city parks by setting up facilities that technology integrates into a team-based competition. Nike has committed to more than a decade by developing intelligent tracking devices and transferable league discipline to make this idea a reality. Nike's desire is to further develop the idea of technology in youth athletics and make a more secure, and safer community.

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