Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series Review

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We had our experts take a look at the Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

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  • Greater finger mobility
  • High-quality leather
  • Superior construction with adjustable backstop
  • Dense padding for shock absorbency
  • Reinforced thumb
  • Snug fit

Rawlings has been around for over 70 years and is the official glove of Major League Baseball, NCAA Baseball, the Long Drive Association of America and more. This 12 1/2 inch slow pitch glove is great for recreational Baseball and Softball games.

The brand has partnered with Wilson Sporting Goods to create the Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series. These gloves are gloves Rawlings believes are great for the recreational and serious levels of play.

The Preference Rawlings glove stands out for having comfortable, air-based padding, improved protection against shock and a fashion-conscious look that gives players the opportunity to look great and still be protected while playing.

The glove was designed with the input of professional players, including Ryan Dempster. Rawlings is confident these gloves will help you to play comfortably and provide a high level of performance in the field.

These are great for recreational softball and baseball players. The performance and protection as well as the cost can't be beat when compared to similarly designed gloves and Rawlings has some of the best customer service out there.

The extra padding in the palm will help to protect your hands, allowing you to block balls more effectively and catch them comfortably.

The drawback, however, is that the glove takes a decent amount of time to break in. Also, if you don't break the glove in properly, the back will not fit you properly.

Some have compared it to the flimsiness of a cheap skateboard glove. There is a decent amount of give but if you start using it at 100% all the time, the glove will break down quickly and it will start to wear and tear easily.

If you play a lot of softball and want a good quality glove that is also a bit more comfortable, the all-leather option may be a good choice for you. This Rawlings Baseball Glove is less bulky but has the grip and padding needed that the Preference Glove lacks.

This glove is coated with a grip-tack colloid, which is a resin that provides added comfort for your hands, making it more comfortable and easier to grab a baseball out of the dirt.

However, the glove is only 11 inches long. If you play longer games, you will need to pay a little bit extra to get a larger glove.

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