SSG STX Goalmaster Goalie Lacrosse Stick Review

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This is our detailed product review for the SSG STX Goalmaster Goalie Lacrosse Stick.

We scrutinize all products before we share our detailed thoughts on it with you.

Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • Latex heads for a better feel on the ball
  • One-piece reinforced handle for increased durability


  • A bit awkward to carry
  • Backhand can’t be reversed

The SSG STX Goalmaster Goalie Lacrosse Stick is perfect for any goalie. It features a 34 inch long shaft with a three piece construction that is proportional to the goalie's body. It has a T.V.P. (Total Vacuum Pleated) handle that is a matte black. The whole shaft has a black grip, which makes it easy to hold on to. The shaft is light, durable, and balanced to increase agility for every goalie. Its lifespan is over 50,000 shots.

Since this is a goalie stick you want to make sure it is very sturdy and natural for the position it is intended for.

Another feature that sets this stick apart from its competition is the included breakaway padding that you are able to take off. Because of this you are able to customize your stick, so that it is perfect for you. This allows you to spend less money on customization as you can add what you want on the stick in combination with the pads that come with it.

Another positive sides to this stick is its toughness. Being able to take this on and off makes it easier to carry, as well as means you can take it to and from practice and games without having to worry about damaging your stick.

The SSG STX Goalmaster Goalie Lacrosse Stick is a very good stick that has many positive traits that make it worth the investment.

This stick has a lot of positive features. Its light black color is great because it does not burn your arm, and the length and weight of the stick are great. This is one of the more economically viable sticks for those who are on a budget. It is also used by some pro goalies.

The ones mentioned above do not necessarily have to be used in a goalie mode for this stick to be useful. It is even used in field as a throw stick by an Academy Assistant Coach.

Overall, the STX Goalmaster Goalie Lacrosse Stick is a great stick that is used by many. It has many benefits that are worth the investment as it can change the game for many goalies and coaches.

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