Bag Boy Golf 2018 Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag Review

Andy Shandling
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In today’s article we will be reviewing the Bag Boy Golf 2018 Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag.

Let’s see why it’s such a popular product.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Mesh pockets to reduce site obstruction
  • Great for the price

This golf stand bag offers optimum space for storing your golf clubs. It is a 14-way organizer bag and is advertised as a hybrid bag that allows for fast cleaning. This means it's very easy to get your bag back to good condition and ready for another round.

It has a big space to store all your clubs. The bag also has a double shoulder strap that makes it very comfortable to carry, as well as a padded hip pad that makes you feel extra comfortable after you carry it for a while. These two features enhance the experience of carrying.

The bag is easy to clean. The interior is very spacious, hence it is easy to keep it clean. All the pockets are suitable for storing your golf clubs while carrying. It is also very easy to get your clubs out since the 12 pockets have plenty of space to store.

The plastic parts of the bag are resilient. If you use the bag regularly, it won't wear out easily. You will love the bag's simple fabric and its PU material. It is very easy to carry because it has a big zipper pocket to easily get your clubs in and out. It is also very easy to clean because of its 14-way organizer top. It ensures maximum space for storing all your clubs. It does have an organizational system. Not only this, but you can also store all other tennis accessories on this bag. All the pockets are durable and well-made. The zippered pockets can hold a variety of things and tons of golf clubs.

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