Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series Review

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It's been long overdue, but today we finally got around to publishing our expert review on the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series.

Read our full review below to learn if this is just the right thing for you.

Our rating: 9 / 10

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  • Extremely durable glove
  • Grasp&control technology
  • Dual welting

Wilson’s A2000 series is made to meet the needs of aggressive and professional players. They are always effective at catching and blocking.

The A2000 series also has features that help ensure a player gets the most out of his game. Professional Stock(TM) leather is introduced to guarantee a long lasting glove, while the two-piece web offers both durability and flexibility. Balance also plays a major role in the A2000 series. This allows for better control of the ball, allowing for more power and more power in your hand, since a player’s hands will stay in a comfortable position.

The A2000 series comes in three different sizes. There is an 11.75-inch model, a 12-inch model, and a 13.75-inch model.

The 11.75-inch model is meant for smaller hands, but it does offer some extra room in the web. The 13.75-inch model is designed for skinnier hands, but offers some really excellent control and power. They are all designed for a larger pocket, but the 12-inch model was designed for a smaller pocket and is optimized for power.

The A2000 series gloves also have a great break-in period. Wilson added pro stock baseball gloves to create a lower break-in time than regular softball gloves. The pro stock feature makes the gloves extremely durable.

They come in three different colors. The red glove comes in an 11.75-inch model. The yellow model is a 12-inch glove. The third color is a 12.5-inch glove.

The A2000 provides incredible value and a high-performance trade-off that all players will come to remember. It’s no wonder Major League hitters like Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, and Ryan Zimmerman are all using A2000 gloves.

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